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  • "He's been one of my favourite stand-ups for about ten years. Bloom not only has meticulous, brilliant lines, but also an intense and fragile honesty"
    Ricky Gervais
  • "His mission is to convince you that he's the greatest comic ever and he makes a surprisingly good case"
    5 stars
    The Scotsman
  • "Bloom is perhaps the perfect comedian"
    5 stars
    The List
  • "In the premier league of comedy"
    The Independent
  • "He makes me laugh out-loud, I can't wait to see him live"
    Sir Ian McKellen
  • "One of the cleverest and most inventive comics I had ever seen"
    Jerry Sadowitz
  • "A light-speed wit, focussed over years at the pinnacle of stand-up"
    4 stars
    Steve Bennet,
  • "For pure stand-up, firing out well-written lines and riffing with an audience, Bloom remains in the highest division"
    The Scotsman

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